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'Perhaps the poet whose verses gladden us was sad and solitary, and the musician a melancholic dreamer...What they give us is no longer their darkness, their suffering or fears, but a drop of pure light, eternal cheerfulness...'

--Herman Hesse, Magister Ludi


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Oh Mighty Pen

Lyric of the Week
What have I got that makes you want to love me?
Is it my body?
Someone I might be?
Something inside me?
You better tell me; it's really up to you.
Have you got the time to find out who I really am?

Is It My Body~Alice Cooper


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2/7/14 Here's the lowdown on the last couple of months: Went to Mazatlan in December and had a very relaxing time after the stresses of the last year and the months of being injured. Survived my first Christmas without my mom, and just passed what should have been her 70th birthday. We were supposed to visit her for her 70th birthday. Instead I worked hard and tried to think only happy thoughts of her. I'm in school now trying to finish up my degree, again... Who knows, maybe this time I'll finally be able to stay in school till I'm done. I have a digital art class and a public speaking class this semester. Digital art remains fascinating because it is always changing and evolving so there is always more to learn. You can see my projects at the deviantart site I had to set up as part of the class requirements. The speech class worried me at first but it is turning out to be quite fun and I'm finding that I'm a pretty good speaker. I guess I have the years of writing to thank for being able to choose good words to say out loud also. Next week is my final week of physical therapy for my back and I'm so looking forward to having those two days a week back. The combination of PT, chiropractic visits, full time work and school have just been kicking my butt. I'm exhausted most of the time these days and except for the trip to Mexico, there's been no break at all in the activity. Even the normal break we take for Valentine's Day isn't going to happen this year. Not enough money built back up yet after December expenses. I do have one really cool thing to report though. We traded in our lovely 2007 Harley Davidson Dynaglide for a fabulous 2014 Heritage Softail touring bike. She's simply gorgeous in black and chrome. We call her Betty :)
Happy Valentine's Day!


11/9/13 Happy Autumn! It's that time of year when people get wrapped up in the holidays, family time and thinking about where they hope to be or go in the upcoming new year. As for me, I've been doing a lot of thinking and planning. I had to decide whether or not to keep this site up when my hosting renewal came up at the beginning of the month. I decided to give it another year, obviously. I'm not sure what the next few months will bring, but I wanted to keep options open for several reasons. For one, after our last round of trips to Berlin, Troy and I decided we wanted to go back and see Europe more thoroughly and have started looking at a variety of choices ranging from taking an extended vacation all the way to relocating to Europe. Meanwhile, things at my work are taking strange turns and it has become clear to me that I will probably have to find a new job in the next 6-12 months. These things made me realize I probably need to boost up my education to help with the job hunt so I am going back to school in January. I have a meeting with my school advisor next week. As I've thought heavily about what job to do next, and what makes me happy, one thing keeps coming to the surface and that is travel. I love to see new places, get immersed in their history, and experience new cultures and architecture. I watch a lot to travel shows and am now addicted to HGTV's Househunters International. Troy likes it too, and discussion brought out that we would both like to live in Europe to experience it more fully. Suddenly, my future career path became more clear. I have decided to seek a job that will allow temporary or permanent assignment in Europe. The very idea fills me with a creativity and excitement I've not felt in an extremely long time. It is a huge and daunting decision that will require a lot of dedication, planning and research, but I'm hopeful and know that if successful, it will be worth it. The thing I'm seeing from this, and the point I want to leave you with, is that now that we have this dream, this goal, I suddenly know what needs to be done, what steps to take, and how to stay focused. Out of Neptunian fogs of dream and desire, a very real path is emerging. What path can you find from reaching for your dreams?

7/10/13 And yet another 6 months goes by, but a lot has happened in my life since then. My mother had been fighting cancer since 2009 and by her birthday at the end of January, just after my last post, it had started to spread. At the end of March, I got an emergency message from my brother that Mom only had days left and wanted to see me. We were on a plane the next day. The following 2 weeks were spent getting her home from the hospital and care set up. We were part of that care, braving unseasonable snow over Easter for 2 solid weeks, but it was worth it to be there for my mother and brother when they needed us, watching her get stronger instead of weaker. Sadly, her strength did not last and the end of May found us back on a plane for her funeral. We stayed 2 weeks, enjoying memories and sunshine with our son, my brother and mom's partner. Although the loss hurts me deeply, I am glad she is out of pain and can rest at last. I'm also grateful for what I learned from this during the last 4 months.

The first thing I learned was how much my attitude had changed with the shift in perspective. When I returned to work after that first trip in March, I realized I was no longer stressing on all the petty bullshit and little annoyances that had plagued my attitude before that trip. My focus had changed to the bigger life picture. The new perspective brought me a fresh zen-like peace. The second thing I gained, after the second trip, was a shift in priorities. We so often base our lives around our jobs and our responsibilities there. We miss out on time with our children, our spouses, our friends, because it all seems so very important, that daily grind. And yet, when something happens, a family crisis, a death, it all falls away and we drop everything to go deal with the event. It made me consider how much richer and peaceful life would be if we didn't wait till a crisis or death to step away from the job. In the grand scheme of things, I saw, the ones we love are so much more important, and it does little good to wait till a deathbed to tell them so when we could have been showing them throughout their lives. So I say to you now, before you put in that extra hour or two at work, ask yourself if it is really necessary. Is that hour really so vital to the job? Will the company fold or the sky fall if it waited till tomorrow if your child or loved one is missing you today? It's an important question that you will ask yourself at a deathbed. If it's your deathbed, what will your answer be? Make that choice now, while you still can.

1/13/13 Sorry to have been absent from updating for over 6 months. Funny though that the last post was just before our trip to Germany because I just uploaded images from that trip to my Snakebite Graphics site in support of the gallery of Berlin photos that we now have up at The Berliner Restaurant in Seattle. Since then we also went to Mazatlan again in December and had another wonderful vacation and successful fishing trip--6 tuna and 3 mahi mahi this time. It was hard to leave the beautiful Mexico sunshine to return the Pacific Northwest cold and snow. Photos of that trip will eventually be on display and for sale at also.


5/8/12 Checking in tonight after a busy couple of months all leading up to our departure for Germany tomorrow to visit my mom and brother. In the last 3 months I've gotten a new client and set up 3 books for him. After we get back from Berlin, there will be 6 more books coming. They are all about financial planning so have gotten me thinking about better managing my retirement funds. Our dream is to retire somewhere like Mexico, or at least spend a lot of time travelling there. What is your happy place dream? Have you ever thought about what it would take to make it a reality? What is the first step? Take it!
In the words of German poet Johann von Goethe:
"Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."



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